Thought of the day 11-1-10

If you would have to take out a payday loan to buy a carton of cigarettes, you shouldn’t be buying a pack of them.

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Costume choice

Wanna know what I’m gonna be for Halloween this year?

A grown up.

I am, however, in the minority. According to a recent Reuters article available here: Americans are expected to spend roughly 5.8 BILLION dollars on Halloween in 2010.

Think about that statistic the next time you hear someone complaining about the economy.

It seems to me like all of this is part of an ever-increasing trend in society to elevate the importance of secondary holidays, most of which is aimed at having an excuse to throw elaborate themed parties.  Take a look at what has happened in particular to St. Patrick’s Day. It’s little more than an excuse to wear green and get incredibly drunk.

These huge, often drunken celebrations feel a little to me like the seasonal festivals held in Rome during it’s peak.

Of course, retailers are taking advantage of this trend by flooding the market with more and more promotions, toys, costumes, and products.

I guess what annoys me the most is that people think you are a weirdo if you don’t participate.

I was a weirdo long before I didn’t participate in silly rituals.

Also, I have never enjoyed being told how and when I should party. That’s why I didn’t join a frat.

But mostly, I don’t enjoy all this frivolity because I come from a long line of curmudgeons. I genuinely enjoy complaining about all the things that surround my existence.

What do you think about the growing importance of Holidays in our culture?

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Bouncing baby blog

Everyone know Jesus wasn’t really born in December. Neither was my blog. Welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

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